Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does the program cost?

All programs are customizable.

Contact us for a free consultation to find out what program is best for you.

How many people can you train at a time?

In-person training is limited only by the size of your space. For virtual programming, your access is unlimited.

Do you have on-line learning?

Yes, we have an on-line learning module that can be used as a stand-alone or paired with a live webinar with Dr. Orsini.

Our on-line learning modules are accredited for CEU/CME.

What level Physicians do you train?

All levels from PGY1 to the most senior physicians.

Do you offer remediation programs for physicians who struggle with communication issues?

Yes, we offer private coaching opportunities with Dr. Orsini. Remote learning modules are also available.

Can we train our physicians in-house to teach The Orsini Way?

Yes, absolutely. Our unit based programs offer train-the-trainer options to make sure your staff members can teach as well.

Do you have references from the hospitals you have worked with?

Yes, several. There are also testimonials listed on our website.

Do you really expect Patient Satisfaction scores to improve with your training?

Yes, our clients have consistently demonstrated dramatic improvements in Patient Satisfaction (HCAHPS) scores after training. Through real culture change scores remain high with little or no on-going training necessary.

Do you do a formal assessment of our hospital?

Yes, the program starts with an initial evaluation of all aspects of your patient’s experience. The Orsini Way will take a formal tour and examine your patient’s journey through your facility.

How long does training take?

Since TOW trains your entire staff in a short time you should expect immediate and sustained results. Other programs take months or years to see improvement and require on-going training.

Is your program taught by a Physician?

Yes, The Orsini Way is the only program designed and taught by a physician Dr. Orsini, President of The Orsini Way is a practicing neonatologist at one of the busiest NICU’s in the country.

Does our facility need to have simulated patients for experiential learning programs?

No, we come with everything, including professional actors. All you need to do is provide the space.

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