Kris Baird, MHA,BSN, RN
President/CEO Baird Group

Dr. Ronald Librizzi
Chief MRM Virtua Hospital

“The training we received from The Orsini Way is like none other. Our residents now have greater confidence and skills in leading difficult conversations, whether in person or virtually. I’m still amazed that after each training I still walk away having learned something new from its experts.”


Dr. Tanganyika Barnes

Program Director of the Internal Medicine Residency Program
Englewood Health

“We were pleased to find this innovative and human-centered training program for our NICU staff. It is a perfect compliment to our other programs. We had complete confidence that Dr. Orsini’s methods would drive results.”


Kelly Nierstedt

Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Babies

“It has been outstanding, and really changed my way of speaking to my patients and relating with them. I would love to bring this training to more people, it could ease so much suffering. This was a wonderful training for residents, fellows and I would encourage attending (physicians) to receive this too.”


Dr. Karen Jooste

Assistant Professor
Duke Health

“I’ve never really found simulations to feel realistic, the actors from TOW felt so real! The feedback session although uncomfortable was incredibly helpful seeing where I excelled and where I still needed to improve.”


Dr. Mary Howell

Levine Children’s Hospital

“We were so happy to be ahead of the curve already training our residents about disclosing medical errors using The Orsini Way. This program is part of our formal Patient Safety curriculum to meet with the ACGME requirements. We feel that it is the best representation of real-life scenarios and we find our residents are better prepared after completing training.”


Dr. Karlene Williams

Physician of Internal Medicine

“One of the most difficult things a doctor has to do is to tell a patient that the test results are worrisome, that a terrible mistake was made, or to tell a family member that loved one has unexpectedly died. The Orsini Way program is an innovative program which places doctors in one of these difficult situations using highly skilled actors and gives them immediate feedback and tips for doing it better next time. Our residents who have gone through this training have found it extremely helpful and have been able to implement the techniques they’ve learned.”


Dr. David Kuo

Associate Program Director
Atlantic Health

"Dr. Orsini recognized a major gap in the curriculum of life-- that whether in an emergency room or the dining room, a board room or a factory-- the words we use with others make a huge difference in optimizing an effective outcome. His compassion for people is genuine, and his focus on empathy, listening and seeking common ground can take every skilled person to new heights."

Larry Barton

Larry Barton

Distinguished Professor of Crisis Management and Public Safety at UCF and a CNN contributor during disasters

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