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Pediatric Residents Simulate Tragedy to Learn Compassion

August 12, 2020

It’s every doctor’s nightmare. And every parent’s. Five year-old Billy had been airlifted to the hospital after nearly drowning. Now, pediatric resident Albert O. Antonio had to tell Billy’s mother and father that their son had suffered serious brain damage.

But the scene at Morristown Medical Center was a simulation rather than a real encounter. Actors playing the parents wept, prayed, and frantically sought answers from Antonio, who occupied center stage — hoping to learn how to deliver deeply distressing news.

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Best Practices for Patient Engagement with Telehealth

June 2, 2020
Female doctor using computer

Ted James, MD, MHCMJune 2, 2020 “In an age where the average consumer manages nearly all aspects of life online, it’s a no-brainer that healthcare should be just as convenient, accessible, and safe as online banking.” — Jonathan Linkous, CEO of the American Telemedicine Association Health care organizations are actively leveraging telemedicine as a natural…

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Keys To Navigating Successfully Through Tough Conversations With Employees – Forbes

May 8, 2020
Business woman delivering bad news

It’s a common misconception that communication is simply about providing information. Effective communication is primarily about the ability to build rapport and establish trust.” Thank you to Forbes and Kathy Caprino for sharing the insight of our unique communications training programs and how that knowledge can be put to use by a myriad of business verticals in this…

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How Compassionate Communication Improves Patient Care

April 8, 2019
Female doctor consulting male patient

Whether a patient is sitting in a doctor’s office, waiting in an exam room or waking up after surgery, they often feel a mix of emotions, including uncertainty, fear and vulnerability. They want answers. They want the truth. But even as doctors share information with them, they want more than just the facts — they want it conveyed in a caring manner.

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