It’s All in the Delivery – The Book


“One of the greatest and most common criticisms of modern medicine is that physicians and health care providers communicate poorly with their patients. To my mind, no one has ever addressed these medical shortcomings as directly and as clearly as Anthony Orsini, D.O. In both the seminars that he has given across the country and now in his book, “It’s All in the Delivery,” Dr. Orsini teaches all health care providers how to become increasingly more effective, more efficient, and more thoughtful in their dealings with patients. I am incredibly impressed with what he has done in this respect and feel strongly that his book should be mandatory reading for all medical students, nurses, and other providers during their training. More experienced clinicians will greatly benefit from Dr. Orsini’s teaching as well. This book represents truly exceptional, groundbreaking work that will serve anyone well throughout a career in medicine.”

Alan R. Spitzer, MD
MD Formerly, Director of Research, Education, and Quality MEDNAX, Inc./ Pediatrix Medical Group Sunrise, Florida Former Chief of Neonatology and Chairman Department of Pediatrics Thomas Jefferson University Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



Based on decades of research, practical experience and interviews with real patients, Dr. Orsini uses his unique storytelling skills to provide practical communication techniques that help medical providers quickly build rapport and form relationships with patients and families even in the most difficult times. For readers of Danielle Ofri and Atul Gawande, It’s All in the Delivery is an essential read for both healthcare providers and patients.

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