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Welcome to the Orsini Learning Center

Through the coaching techniques that Dr. Orsini provides, healthcare professionals as well as business team leaders can learn how to effectively build rapport. Studies show that when compassion supports communication, positive change can take place. Caregivers that can effectively establish relationships with their patients usually experience higher patient satisfaction scores. Let The Orsini Way help your staff with a supportive and sustainable program. Corporate leaders can also benefit from the training expertise that Dr. Orsini provides, learning how to positively affect outcomes during times of crisis.


Even smartest and talented leaders sometimes have difficulty communicating effectively. Whether you are a business executive struggling to build loyalty or a physician who wants to improve patient satisfaction and bring their practice to the next level, our personal coaching allows you to learn simple and effective techniques in a private setting.

  • Healthcare professionals
  • Managers / Supervisors
  • Physicians / Resident Physicians
  • Patient Satisfaction team leaders
  • Any hospital team members


  • How to use compassionate communication to build relationships and improve patient satisfaction?
  • How to create a team approach to resolve conflict?
  • How to understand customer/employee/patient-centric communication?
  • How to enhance compassion and maintain efficiency?
  • How to create sustainable culture change?