It’s All in the Delivery®

Enhancing The Patient Experience Through Better Communication

Medicine is about the human connection. When patients and providers connect on a personal level, healthcare is at its very best. This results in better outcomes and a greater experience for patients, families, and healthcare professionals.

In this interactive presentation, Dr. Orsini discusses the relationship between key predictors of a positive patient experience and effective communication. Healthcare providers and hospital executives learn proven techniques that build trusting relationships with patients and team members, resulting in a better patient and staff experience.

Target Audiences

  • Physicians
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Patient Experience Leaders
  • Healthcare Managers and Executives

Learning Objectives

Learn key predictors of patient experience and debunk various myths surrounding this topic

Master effective and compassionate communication techniques that quickly build trusting relationships and improve patient satisfaction

Understand customer/employee/patient- centric communication

Learn how to create a team approach to resolve conflict

Learn how to enhance compassion and still maintain efficiency

Obtain the tools necessary to create sustainable culture change