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Episode 105 | August 18, 2020

Difficult Conversations and Workplace Violence

Dr. Larry Barton

Risk Management Consultant & Author

Larry Barton

Welcome to Difficult Conversations with Dr. Anthony Orsini. Today, we have special guest, Dr. Larry Barton, who is one of the world’s leading experts in crisis management and threat assessments. Currently, he is the distinguished University Professor of Crisis Management and Public Safety at the University of Central Florida. Dr. Barton has the distinction of being named the very first ever Fulbright Scholar to Japan in crisis management. He has remained the highest rated instructor for the past 14 years, at the FBI Academy and U.S. Marshals Service, where he teaches courses in threat evaluation to federal and state law enforcement. He has also written four bestselling books and his book, Crisis Leadership Now, was voted one of the best business books of the year.

Dr. Barton talks about how workplace violence and threats has been the heart of what he cares about, but discusses how COVID-19 has dramatically affected his practice. He explains how the new “normal” of people working from home has caused an increase in stress, fatigue, and sleep disorders as many people could not process the new world of work. Dr. Barton states, “I think we’re at the first chapter of a very long novel. I don’t think we’re in any way, even close to understanding the enormity, the gravity and maybe the opportunity.”

Find out why Dr. Barton says, “HR is probably the greatest unsung heroes of this whole COVID process.” Dr. Barton discusses why communication is so important during any crisis and gives advice on how you can deal with your crisis. Find out one of the most offensive, outrageous phrases that should never be included in any human resources manual. Dr. Barton gives advice to leaders and managers on the “dos and don’ts” of separating an employee. Learn why “saying you’re sorry” is the biggest piece of advice Dr. Orsini and Dr. Barton share. You will also hear a truly great story about reading people, that involves Kathleen Kennedy Townsend and another about Frank Sinatra. And if you haven’t heard, Dr. Barton has a new book which he will talk about. If you liked this episode, please hit the subscribe button to find out more about what we do and how we teach communication. Go ahead and download this episode now!

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