Revolutionizing Organizational Culture through Effective Communication: The Orsini Way

In today's dynamic business and healthcare landscape, effective communication skills are paramount. Developed by Dr. Anthony Orsini, an experienced ICU physician, keynote speaker, author, and renowned communication expert, The Orsini Way offers a transformative approach to communication, reshaping your organization's culture. With a foundation in research, personal interviews, and real-life experiences, this methodology enhances relationships, both internally and externally.

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Anthony Orsini's credibility as a keynote speaker lends immense weight to The Orsini Way training. With a distinguished background as an ICU physician, he possesses firsthand insights into the pivotal role communication plays in healthcare. Moreover, his extensive experience extends to the business sector, where his expertise has proven invaluable in transforming organizational dynamics through effective communication strategies. His book It’s All in the Delivery: Improving Healthcare Starting with a Single Conversation and his Podcast Difficult Conversations: Lessons I Learned has an ICU Physician have been at the top of their respective charts and his TedX: How The Human Connection Improves Healthcare has reached an audience of over 250K people.

It’s innovative, it’s based on real-life experience, and it works.

The Orsini Way stands out with its holistic, interactive approach to communication skills. It equips teams to effortlessly build rapport and establish trust. Unlike scripted methods, it provides practical, implementable suggestions, fostering authentic connections with sustainable results, with no lengthy contracts required.

Imagine a workplace where conversations brim with compassion and empathy. The Orsini Way brings this vision to life, transforming employee interactions and relationships with customers and patients. By prioritizing genuine care, teams establish deeper connections, nurturing trust and mutual respect. As organizations emphasize diversity, equity, and inclusion, these crucial aspects are inherently linked to communication skills. The Orsini Way also recognizes this connection, helping teams cultivate skills that foster an inclusive environment, where every voice is heard and valued.


One on One Coaching

For a more personalized touch, delve into professional private coaching sessions. These one-on-one interactions allow individuals to hone their communication skills, aligning them with their personal and professional aspirations. Even the most challenged professionals can showcase their potential for improvement or remediation after just a few meetings.

The Orsini Way can relate to and address the familiar challenges your team faces.

Sound familiar?

Doctor consulting patients

Our patient satisfaction scores (HCAHPS) and our on-line reviews need improvement. We have tried other methods but need a better strategy. Where do we start?

Happy coworkers agreeing

Our staff and employee engagement is poor and our turnover rate is high. How can we re-engage our staff and excite them about being in the healing profession?

Concerned doctor

Our current communication skills program is outdated and ineffective. How can elevate our communication in a way that is sustainable?

Unpleasant business meeting

Difficult conversations happen frequently in both business and healthcare. What can we do learn how to navigate these difficult conversations better?

The Orsini Way’s diverse and customized programming

The beauty of The Orsini Way lies in its simplicity and effectiveness. No rigid scripts—just authentic, meaningful communication. It enhances patient satisfaction, customer loyalty, and internal collaboration, fostering a harmonious work environment.

Choose from an array of impactful options offered by The Orsini Way, tailored to suit your organization's needs.

Additionally, The Orsini Way offers customized group programs, meticulously designed to address your organization's unique challenges and goals. These programs serve as transformative journeys, guiding your team toward enhanced communication skills and fostering a thriving culture. Improvisational role-play by professional actors and real-time peer review are just some of the advantages of training options available.


2-3 Hour Interactive Workshops hosted live or virtually by Dr. Orsini
(CME accredited)


Live or virtual sessions with professional actors followed by immediate review.


On-Demand Learning

Access to online learning modules with CME accreditation

Combined Programming

Offerings can be combined for an enhanced program
(CME accredited)

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Choose The Orsini Way to unlock effective communication skills and the potential within your organization. Let us guide your team to develop connection-building skills that are sustainable. As workplace culture transforms, you'll see the possibilities that stem from communication rooted in care. Whether you’re interested in booking Dr. Orsini as a keynote speaker, exploring coaching opportunities, or opting for group training, The Orsini Way offers the ideal option for ensuring your team’s success.

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