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Lessons I Learned as an ICU Physician

Episode 120 | December 1, 2020

Elevating the Patient Experience

Jason A. Wolf

President and CEO of the Beryl Institute

Jason A .Wolf

Welcome to Difficult Conversations with Dr. Anthony Orsini. Do you want to feel more optimistic about healthcare? Well, today is the day because on this episode, my special guest is Jason Wolf, a passionate champion and recognized expert on patient experience. As President of the Beryl Institute, he has led the growth of the organization into the leading global community of practice and thought leadership on improving the patient experience. Jason is also the founding editor of the Patient Experience Journal and serves as President of the Patient Experience Institute. Jason is a sought after speaker, provocative commentator, and respected author of numerous publications, including two books on organization development in healthcare, and over 25 white papers on Patient Experience Improvement. As always, Dr. Orsini keeps his promise about two things, that you will feel inspired, and you will have learned valuable lessons to be a better and more compassionate communicator.

Jason tells us about himself and his personal journey. Dr. Orsini and Jason discuss how patient experience is in front of medicine right now. Jason talks about why the patient is so different than they were ten years ago, and he shares a great story about his grandfather who was a pediatrician. We hear a little story from Dr. Orsini about a doctor that he was very close too and was a mentor. Jason describes patient experience and how important communication is to success. Dr. Orsini asks Jason why executives keep putting patient experience as a top priority but many haven’t provided the proper resources needed. Jason tells us that until we do what we need to do to match that disconnect we’re going to consistently be at risk in healthcare of not meeting the ultimate needs of our patients and families. Jason explains why “Patient experience shouldn’t be a thing to do” Jason explains how COVID affected us and he points out that it has shown us what is possible in a moment of dire need and the highest level of exhaustion in healthcare. We end with Dr. Orsini sharing a touching story of patient experience with a friend of his and Jason mentions that humanity is so essential to medicine and so essential to healthcare and so prevalent.

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