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Lessons I Learned as an ICU Physician

Episode 142 | May 4, 2021

Helping Parents Of Premature Babies

Nick Hall and Laura Platt-Kilstein

Founder of Graham's Foundation

Nick Hall

Welcome to Difficult Conversations Lessons I Learned as an ICU Physician with Dr. Anthony Orsini. As a Neonatologist, I’m exposed to a world where about ten percent of all babies born in the U.S. will need to be cared for in a neonatal intensive care unit. For the parents of these sick babies, their plans of having a healthy baby that they can take home with them in a few days are shattered. A majority of the babies admitted to the NICU do well, but some do not, and they spend many long days in the hospital with a series of good days and bad days, and sadly some do not make it. These parents find themselves members of a group that no one wants to be in, and nothing can prepare them for the journey they must face. I am so happy to have as my guests, two members of an incredible organization called Graham’s Foundation. Their mission is to support, comfort, inform, and guide families who experienced a premature birth. First, I have Nick Hall, who is the Founder of Graham’s Foundation. His twins, Reece and Graham, were born at twenty-five weeks and Graham sadly died after forty-five days. Also joining me is Laura Platt-Kilstein, whose son was born at twenty-six weeks and is now a high energy four-year old.

Nick shares the story of the birth of his twins, Reece and Graham, and his first experience in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Laura shares her story of the premature birth of her son, and the conversation she had with her own doctor when she found out she was having her baby so early. Nick talks about the difficult conversation he had with the doctors about the twins, and even more important, the emotions of the Neonatologist after the birth. We learn about the difficult decisions that Nick and his wife had to make and about Graham’s journey up to his last day. Laura tells us the amazing story of her son, Joshua, who was in the hospital for ninety-nine days. We learn about Reece’s remarkable journey, spending one hundred and nineteen days in the hospital. Nick explains his personal experience as a father, the grieving process and the team approach he felt from everyone around him. We also learn what made him start Graham’s Foundation . Find out why he says it really started the day Reece and Graham were born. Laura tells us what why she become a mentor and how she decided to get in touch with Graham’s Foundation. Nick fills us in on all the wonderful things Graham’s Foundation offers people who need help, such as the different care package programs, mentors, MyPreemie App. If you enjoyed this podcast, please hit follow, and download all the previous episodes. Go ahead and download this episode now!

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