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Lessons I Learned as an ICU Physician

Episode 176 | September 5, 2022

Monitoring Physician Wellness for Patient Safety

Ellen Reilly

Strategic Advisor, Healthcare and Life Sciences


Welcome to Difficult Conversations with Dr. Anthony Orsini. Our guest today is my friend, Ellen Reilly, who is an industry leader focused on the intersection of healthcare, technology, and data. She’s the Global Head of Healthcare and Life Sciences at WHOOP, a company that debuted in 2015,. Ellen has led large organizations in driving change to transform and simplify business processes while delivering bottom line measurable benefits. This is another part of a long series about physician wellness, and we’re going to build upon a previous episode with guest, Brian Ferguson. Brian is doing real important work with WHOOP. As always, Dr. Orsini keeps his promise about two things, that you will feel inspired, and you will have learned valuable lessons to be a better and more compassionate communicator.

Ellen tells us her background and how she ended up at WHOOP. We find out what WHOOP does and why it is unique in the industry. Dr. Orsini tells us that agreed to be on the Healthcare Advisory Board for WHOOP because he was so impressed with what it does, and he shares what he loves about it. There are a lot of hospitals that are doing some studies right now with WHOOP and Ellen shares some of those studies with us. We also hear about the type of data consumers and healthcare workers use to understand the impact of such factors as alcohol, smoking, and caffeine, and how it changes their behaviors and recovery. Ellen tells us how people are using WHOOP to measure things such as the strain of stress. Ms Reilly explains how WHOOP helped her improve her life in a positive way by using it every day. Also, we learn how WHOOP could be used for real time data to make people aware of how outside factors effect their own wellness. Dr. Orsini and Ellen discuss the major impact Whoop can have on physician wellness, professional burnout and ultimately patient safety. Ellen tells us the most difficult conversation she’s had in her life and shares advice how she navigated through it. We end with learning where Ellen sees WHOOP going in the future. If you enjoyed this podcast, please hit subscribe on your favorite podcast platform. Go ahead and download this episode now!

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