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Episode 143 | May 11, 2021

Re-Invent Your Life

Kathi Sharpe-Ross

President of the Sharpe Alliance

Kathi Sharpe Ross

Welcome to Difficult Conversations with Dr. Anthony Orsini. Today, I am delighted to have as my guest, Kathi Sharpe-Ross, who is a global brand and lifestyle marketing guru, President and CEO of The Sharpe Alliance and Founder of The Reinvention Exchange. Kathi is a sought-after marketing consultant, speaker, workshop leader, and philanthropist, who has been helping brands and businesses re-invent, build, and communicate for over thirty years. She is a frequent contributor to Huffington Post and Thrive Global and interviewed on podcasts and radio. Having grown up on three different continents, Kathi learned at a young age how to adapt, try on new circumstances, make new friends, roll with the changes, and create new tools to flourish in her world. In her new book, RE: INVENT YOUR LIFE! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? she is empowering people to embark on a journey toward re-invention of all shapes and sizes.

Kathi tells us about her herself and her journey. She tells us about her first entrepreneur experience that started when she was in college, and the meaning behind why she said, “Do it best, do it first, and do it loudest.” We learn how she got her first client by building a network, and the importance of practice and listening. Dr. Orsini and Kathi agree that communication techniques can be taught and how active listening is critical. Kathi tells us about her book, which contains thirty stories and twenty-six power tools. She shares her “A-ha moment” and explains why “knowing your why” is so important, which she talks a lot about in her book. We also hear an awesome story about how she got Quincy Jones to write the forward for her book. Kathi tells us about The RE: INVENTION EXCHANGE, that includes a virtual chat series, blogs, content newsletters, and a podcast she launched in January. We end with Kathi sharing with us the most difficult type of conversation that she’s had and how she navigated through it. If you enjoyed this podcast, please hit follow, and download all the previous episodes to find out more about what we do and how we teach communication.

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