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Would you believe that only 10% of senior physicians report any formal training on how to effectively break bad news to a patient or family member? After a defining personal experience, Dr. Orsini has spent 20 years developing and crafting the training techniques used in the Breaking Bad News program. Many participants consider the experience “life-changing” and have a significant improvement in their confidence and decreased anxiety when performing this difficult task.
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Studies have shown that how patients hear bad news can affect them for decades, yet most physicians have never been trained properly. In fact, physicians associate the act of delivering sad news to patients and families with fear and anxiety. The Breaking Bad News program teaches proven communication methods that help physicians deliver the news in the most effective and compassionate manner. Using the BBN P.R.O.G.R.A.M ® roadmap, clinicians learn in a safe and private environment in as little as one hour. Unlike any other program, the Breaking Bad News Program utilizes experiential learning with professional actors. The training has been called “life-changing” because it’s real and it works. This program is ideal for both resident and senior physicians.

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  • Senior Physicians
  • Resident Physicians
  • Practitioners
  • First Responders

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Topics covered in this course include:

  • History of Breaking Bad News in Medicine?
  •  The 3 goals of Breaking Bad News
  • Principles of using the BBN P.R.O.G.R.A.M.®
  • How to convey compassion to your patients?
  • Mastering verbal and non-verbal techniques
  • How to help our patients when they need us the most?