Partnering for Interdisciplinary Communication

The Orsini Way is partnering with UNC Health, a not-for-profit integrated health care system headquartered in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Through the partnership, the UNC Medical Center is using The Orsini Way’s It’s All in the Delivery Remote Learning program to improve interdisciplinary communication and HCAHPS scores.

The program contains interactive and virtual learning modules centered around helping medical professionals bring more compassion to every patient interaction. It includes a live comprehensive presentation by Dr. Anthony Orsini as well as a three-hour workshop, divided into three remote learning modules. It also includes live remote training for UNC Health leaders who will become champions for communication learning and ensure ongoing success and culture change.

“At UNC Health, we aim to create a safe and welcoming experience for patients and their families, and the staff-patient interactions are a cornerstone to this goal,” said Dr. Moe Lim, associate professor of orthopedics and associate medical director at UNC Health. “When determining how we could elevate our team’s interactions with patients, The Orsini Way’s approach to compassionate communication training was in line with the culture and level of service we strive to provide.”

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