Difficult Conversations Podcast

Lessons I Learned as an ICU Physician

Episode 115 | October 27, 2020

Conversations with your Inner.U

Beth Weissenberger

Co-Founder & Vice-Chairman, The Handel Group

Beth Weissenberger

Welcome to the Difficult Conversations – Lessons I Learned as an ICU Physician with Dr. Anthony Orsini. Today, my special guest is Beth Weissenberger, Co-Founder of the Handel Group, a renowned corporate consulting and life coaching company, dedicated to teaching people how to realize their personal and professional visions. Their straightforward and innovative method has changed the lives of thousands of private and corporate clients and has been taught in over fifty educational programs and institutes of learning. Beth has twenty years of experience coaching thousands of the most senior executives and is not only a masterful coach, but also leads corporate seminars on a variety of topics that are fused with energy, transparency, and inspiring personal stories.

Beth tells us all about the Handel Group, what she does, and how it started. She mentions a book called, Maybe It’s You, that her sister Lauren wrote. She shares a story about the point in her life that made her want to change. Beth talks about what the Handel Method and how it is useful in different areas such as corporate, individuals, and athletes. Beth explains “being the author of your life.” We find out about the Chicken and the Brat and something Dr. David Hawkins found out about human beings inner dialogue. Beth explains the Three Inner Dialogues (Voices) and Dr. Orsini shares his “Chicken” with us. There are three things Beth tells us we need to live true to your dreams and what you want in life and they are: specific measurable promise, a consequence, and someone to hold you accountable. We find out all about the different types of Inner U, which is an online coaching program. If you’re looking to radically change your life in six months, Beth is offering a coupon code to get half off at Inner.U Career using the code “DIFFICULTCONVERSATIONS.” We all have our dark side, bad traits, and things that don’t work for us, so Beth tells us she likes to have people ask two questions to their spouses, partners, and children, and they are, “What sucks about me and When I do that how does it make you feel?” She gives a great example of something that happened to her with her daughter.

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