Difficult Conversations Podcast

Lessons I Learned as an ICU Physician

Episode 126 | January 12, 2021

Healing The Heart Of Medicine

Dr. Jonathan Fisher

Cardiologist, Mindfulness, Heartfulness and Happiness Facilitator

Jonathan Fisher

Welcome to Difficult Conversations – Lessons I Learned as an ICU Physician with Dr. Anthony Orsini. My special guest today is Dr. Jonathan Fisher, a Harvard-trained physician, practicing cardiologist, certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, and global keynote speaker. With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Fisher has helped thousands of individuals live longer and better lives. Having recovered from his own painful and long journey through anxiety, depression, and burnout, he now helps organizations, leaders, and teams heal and reverse the spiral of disengagement and burnout by sharing proven concepts and methods to enhance joy and peak performance. Dr. Fisher currently serves leadership roles in various departments and is the Founder of Mind Heart Now, LLC, and leads transformational interactive programs for teams and organizations. He is here today to discuss a variety of topics that are seriously affecting our healthcare with respect to provider crisis.

We begin with Dr. Fisher sharing the story of his life growing up, how he became a physician, and the struggles he had starting in his teenage years. He talks about when he recognized that what he was experiencing was more than just stress and anxiety, but depression. We learn how Dr. Fisher recovered from his depression, which started simply by googling, “How can I be happy again?” Dr. Fisher discusses meditation and yoga and the research behind it, and the significance of “I feel, therefore I am.” He also tells us about “mindfulness of the heart” to prevent heart disease, and the American Heart Association endorsing meditation as an adjunct to treating cardiovascular disease, which was an incredible validation that this stuff not only helped heal his own anxiety and depression, but is helpful for patients as well. Find out what Dr. Fisher has to say when he discovered that mindfulness has a lot to say about communication. Dr. Orsini and Dr. Fisher chat about the importance of forming a real relationship with patients, how information does not heal people, and how powerful compassion’s effects on the human heart is. Dr. Fisher gives great advice on how to have a conversation with yourself first and how to move forward. We end with Dr. Fisher sharing with us his most difficult conversations that he’s had and some amazing advice.

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