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Lessons I Learned as an ICU Physician

Episode 141 | April 27, 2021

Learn to Listen

Colin Smith

Owner - Dexterity Solutions Limited

Colin Smith

Hello and welcome to Difficult Conversations with Dr. Anthony Orsini. This podcast is all about communication, and an essential aspect of good communication is listening, I believe it’s a lost art in this fast-paced world. Today, I’m excited to have as my very special guest, Colin Smith, who is commonly known as “The Listener.” Colin is one of the U.K.’s foremost listening skills specialists who works with individuals as well as teams within organizations who want to be heard, think smarter, and transform their business and personal relationships through active listening. Having a varied and successful career, Colin realized much of his success was due to his listening and connecting abilities, which led him to develop a series of programs to develop these skills and others. His inquisitive and curious mind leads him to explore unusual thought provoking, yet grounded observation and alternative approaches to business, people, systems, change, and innovations. As always, Dr. Orsini keeps his promise about two things, that you will feel inspired, and you will have learned valuable lessons to be a better and more compassionate communicator.

Colin tells us about his journey, his business Dexterity Solutions, and how he became known as “The Listener.” We learn why he thinks that people are having more and more trouble listening. Dr. Orsini tells us how he teaches conflict resolution in his workshops to help with listening to words and listening to non-verbal cues, and Colin shares how we can all be better listeners. Find out what he means by, “We hear from, we listen to.” Find out the importance of eye contact, and why it is fo hard for some people. Dr. Orsini talks about multitasking in teens, adults, and physicians, and how it relates to communication and listening. Colin explains why he believes technology is to blame for the listening crisis currently happening. Also, the important thing to remember is that we all need reassurance, that we matter, and if we validate the patient, team members, or colleagues, it would make a big difference. We also learn from Colin about “survive, dive, and thrive,” Dr. Orsini and Colin talk about the importance of listening in group settings and boardrooms. We end with Colin explaining how all conversations can be difficult for different people, for different reasons, and gives great advice on how to navigate through them. If you enjoyed this podcast, please hit follow, and download all the previous episodes to find out more about what we do and how we teach communication.

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