Did You Choose a Good Doctor?

The doctor-patient relationship is important. Ensure your doctor is the right fit by looking for these six important characteristics.

This article is based on reporting that features expert sources.

Your doctor might have an incredible medical pedigree and be admired by fellow physicians, but is your doctor a good match for you and your health needs? Finding a doctor is an important step, but deciding whether to stick with your doctor is another key decision.

“Having a doctor who patients can build a trusting relationship with always ranks higher than how long they sit in a waiting room,” says Dr. Anthony Orsini, an expert on doctor-patient communication techniques. “Patients need to feel seen and heard, and they need to know they’re more than just a number.”

Making the most of your time with your doctor is critical in the current health care system. Today’s doctors are overburdened by data entry, desk work and health insurance hassles. Doctors are spending more time inputting information into electronic health records and less time with patients, according to several studies. The average amount of time patients spend with a primary care doctor is about 15 minutes, according to one research study.

With a limited amount of time to talk to your doctor, patients should pay attention to certain behaviors that can make a big difference during the visit. Look for these important traits in your doctor:

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