Limiting Malpractice Risk Through Better Communication

Patients who have a relationship with their providers are less likely to file malpractice claims and have better outcomes. From the initial patient interaction to the filing of a malpractice claim, multiple opportunities exist to avert litigation and maintain a positive relationship with patients even when a medical error occurs. This keynote teaches healthcare professionals and hospital executives key communication techniques that dramatically reduce malpractice claims and limit medical errors.

Target Audiences

  • Physicians
  • Risk Managers
  • Malpractice Insurance Providers
  • Healthcare Executives
  • Nurse Managers

Learning Objectives

Understand the concept of “It’s Hard to Fire Your Best Friend”

Master verbal and non-verbal techniques that build trust and maintain good relationships even when things don’t go smoothly

Learn key critical opportunities to avoid medical errors and avert malpractice lawsuits

Learn effective communication techniques that will significantly decrease medical errors

Discover how to properly reveal medical errors when they do occur